Kiwi User Interface Framework  beta
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
KIwiUserInterface.h [code]Header file for KiwiUserInterface framework
KUApplication.h [code]Define KUApplication class
KUApplicationInfo.h [code]Define application information
KUDesktopMenu.h [code]Define KUDesktopMenu class
KUDocument.h [code]Define KUDocument class
KUFixedStrings.h [code]Define fixed-strings
KUForwarders.h [code]Forward declaration of data types for KiwiUserInterface framework
KUList.h [code]Define KUListItem and KUList data structure
KUMain.h [code]Define main routine
KUMenu.h [code]Define KUMenu class
KUMenuItem.h [code]Setup the application menu
KUMessage.h [code]Define KUMessage data structure
KUResponder.h [code]Define KUResponder class
KUSystem.h [code]Define KUSystem class