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KUResponder Class Reference

Resinder layer of AOM. More...

#import <KUResponder.h>

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KUApplication KUDesktopMenu KUMenu KUMenuItem KUSystem

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithClassName:withResource:
 Initialize this object.
(void) - dealloc
 Deallocate this object.
(const struct CNFixedString *) - className
 Get class name of this responder.
(void) - addChildResponder:
 Add child responder of this object.
(const struct KUList *) - childResponders
 Get list of child responders.
(KUResponder *) - searchChildResponderByClassName:
 Search child responders by the class name.

Protected Attributes

struct CNFixedString * className
 Name of this responder.
struct CNResource * responderResource
 Resource for this object.
struct KUList childResponders



Detailed Description

Resinder layer of AOM.

Member Function Documentation

- (id) initWithClassName: (const struct CNFixedString *)  name
withResource: (struct CNResource *)  resource 

Initialize this object.

Allocated object
nameName of this responder
resourceResource for this object
- (const struct CNFixedString *) className

Get class name of this responder.

Class name
- (void) addChildResponder: (KUResponder *)  src

Add child responder of this object.

srcChild responder
- (const struct KUList *) childResponders

Get list of child responders.

List of KUResponder objects
- (KUResponder *) searchChildResponderByClassName: (const struct CNFixedString *)  name

Search child responders by the class name.

Return values:
objResponder object which has matched class name
nilThe matched responder is not found
nameSource class name

Member Data Documentation

- (struct KUList) childResponders [protected]

Child responders

Property Documentation

- (KUResponder *) parentResponder [read, write, retain]

Parent responder

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